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1/1/2006 American Way Magazine (American Airlines)
Finding a match on AirTroductions does not always mean the members have to be on the same flight. The scope can be broadened by searching for travelers who will be at the same departure or arrival airport on a specific date or time, and even someone wishing to share a cab.
12/21/2005 Love may be in the air, really
"It's 14 hours to Tokyo," says Shankman. "Would I pay $5.00 to sit next to someone who doesn't drool on me?" Thus, AirTroductions was born...
12/11/2005 Web site matches simpatico air travelers (Bergen Record, New Jersey)
This holiday season, Peter Shankman, the founder of AirTroductions, wants us to rediscover the fun of flying. AirTroductions is an online service that matches air travelers with compatible seatmates for fun, business, or even romance.
10/10/2005 Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Find me a seat
Airline flights are one of the few situations where you find yourself wedged against a total stranger for hours at a time. It might as well be someone you like. With that in mind, a new Web site,, aims to match like-minded fliers for business networking, book discussions, romance -- whatever it is you want from a seatmate. If the idea catches on, it may be the end of the seatmate  from hell.
10/4/2005 Strangers in the Flight

Inspired, Shankman created AirTroductions, a networking site that matches frequent travelers with people who might have similar personal or business interests.

The aim of is to encourage people to break down the social barriers that come with sitting close together in a cramped space for a long period of time - or just ease the loneliness of business travelers.

9/30/2005 Sitting Pretty on a Plane
The idea is to connect like-minded fliers - either in the personal or professional realms - who are traveling on the same flights. Here's how it works: Travelers join AirTroductions ( for free and post personal and/or business profiles. Then, before taking a flight, they enter their itineraries and are notified of other members booked on the same flight. They're given the option of sending anonymous e-mail through the site (at which point a $5 fee kicks in) to determine whether they want to meet at the airport, and, if mutually acceptable, get reassigned to adjoining seats.
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