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caribbean queen, 29, Female
USA, Illinois, Algonquin
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I'm the person who starts the

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MollyL, 25, Female
USA, Ohio, Dayton
Send Message I'm a law student at yale university, who loves airtroductions!

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ngiradelli, 38, Female
USA, Texas, Dallas
Send Message As a finance editor at FT, airtroductions makes my business trips easier!

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xcelbe, 23, Male
USA, Florida, Gainesville
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I'm a bitcoin trader who enjoys travelling the world!


Whether you’re looking for a date in Los Angeles, a business networking partner in Tokyo, bitcoin trading avenues like immediate bitcoin platform or just someone to share a cab from Kennedy to Midtown, look no further. You’ve found AirTroductions™.

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9/21/2006 We've had a few members tell us that they're getting matches on their flights, but don't want to contact them because the matches aren't filling out their profiles! Come on, guys! How bummed would you be if you missed your chance for a perfect match because you didn't spend three minutes typing in what's great about you? Fill out your profiles!

8/30/2006 So imagine this - You're sitting in your airplane seat, and the person who sits down next to you HAS NO FACE. That would creep you out, right? So why do you do the same thing on AirTroductions by not uploading a photo? Without a photo, it's doubtful anyone is going to want to sit next to you! Pop a photo up there now! Hurry up!


Hello New Zealand! Was great talking with you and being interviewed across your great country! Welcome to AirTroductions!

In other news, catch our CEO in Newsweek last week talking about how to deal with Airline Security? Be sure to check it out! Happier Travels, as always! And remember - don't get mad because you can't bring a bottle of water onto your flight. Instead, talk to your seatmate about it, smile, and enjoy your flight!

8/8/2006 WANT TO BE ON TV?? A MAJOR TELEVISION NEWS PROGRAM wants to follow you on your AirTroduction meeting! They'll film you as you meet, and you'll be famous, and become a huge celebrity, and all your friends will be jealous. Interested? Email [email protected] if you're flying somewhere soon and have made an AirTroduction! Thanks, -Peter - The AirTroductor