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TravelJames, 46, Male
USA, California, Malibu
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Professional, easy going guy.

vbhalla, 29, Male
United Kingdom, London
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I work for a software firm as

JFithian, 22, Male
USA, California, San Jose / Brentwood
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I'm a 4th year college studen

Boomer, 28, Male
Brazil, Sao Paulo
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I'm Country Manager in Brazil

aviatorg3, 32, Male
USA, Maryland, Waldorf
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I am a pilot. I travel often


About AirTroductions

Hi there. I'm Peter, and I am the AirTroductor.

That's me, the one who's not Miss Texas 2002. Since sitting next to her on a trip from Houston to New York, I've taken over 300 airplane trips, and have yet to sit next to someone that beautiful.

But – I have sat next to other CEO's, marketing directors, movie stars, clothing impresarios, and tons of other people. A lot of them were nothing more than a few “hey, how's it going” words, but others have led to clients, lots of business, and even a date or two!

That's why I started AirTroductions. We all fly so much, I figure there's got to be a better way to use all that time in the air.

So whether you're looking for a date in Los Angeles, a business networking partner in Tokyo, or just someone to share a cab from Kennedy to Midtown, look no further. You've found AirTroductions. If you've got any ideas on how to make AirTroductions even better, then we want to hear from you!

Email us at [email protected]

I'll be posting little missives and ideas on the site from time to time, and I want to hear how AirTroductions has helped you!

Let us know, and we'll feature you on the site, and send you lots of AirTroductions goodies.

Email us at [email protected]

All the best,
The AirTroductor

12/13/2005 Benvenuto, new AirTroductions members from Italy! We're glad to have you here! 12/2/2005 Have you made an AirTroduction? Do you want to be interviewed on NATIONAL TV? A major national TV show wants to do a story on AirTroductions, and wants to feature you! If you've made a match on AirTroductions, drop an email to
[email protected], and let us know! AirTroductions - Making your flights better, and making you famous at the same time!
11/29/2005 Welcome everyone from Washington, DC! Glad to have you here on AirTroductions! 11/24/2005 Two AirTroductions thoughts for the day - Profiles with photos tend to get looked at and contacted about 10x as much as those without. Also, add [email protected] to your address book to prevent our emails and your AirTroductions from winding up in your Spam file! Happier Travels!